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Lost: One Cat, Any Color

Posted on March 2, 2010

Lost Cat

Lost: One Cat. Any Color.

Answers to the name “Here Kitty Kitty.” Has a pleasant demeanor and likes children and other cats. Preferably well-fed and not too mangy looking. Long, shiny hair would be nice, but a tabby or whatever would do in a pinch.

If found please take to the vet and pay for proper shots and de-clawing. Also, keep the cat in your house for a little while to make sure it’s not crazy or sick. The cat I lost doesn’t piss everywhere.

Then, call 555-5212 and ask for “Ace.” (Or “Andy” if someone else answers and the nickname hasn’t sunk in yet.) If I’m not around, then nevermind.

Reward: Good Karma

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  1. gives a shudder to upstanding cat lovers everywhere!

  2. My parents took in a stray and named her Kitty Kitty. (no joking) But I think you’ll have to wrestle my mom for her. She loves that cat cat.

  3. Lo, the much-prophesied March 2, 2010 “missing kitty poster” comedy face-off has come to pass: http://defectiveyeti.com/2010/03/02/reward/

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