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My Passwords

Posted on March 16, 2010

They say you should change your passwords randomly to guard against identity theft. That’s why I change all of my passwords every day.

Like yesterday, my password for Amazon.com was honkytonk33, but today I changed it to luche_l!bre. Tomorrow, I’m going with boyz2men. Then, next week, I’ll change it to each one of the Brady Bunch kids, except with the number 7 in place of any vowels.

Sure, it takes a ton of time and energy to change every one of my passwords every day. Especially because I have so many different sites that I go to. Like, Facebook (password: gr!ff!n_f*ck3r) or flickr (password: 0ingoB0ingo) or twitter (password: purp1ebanana_fart) only to have to change each of those tomorrow. But, when it comes to your identity, you can never be too careful.

It’s a pretty secure strategy. Although who can be sure? I always think my passwords are safe, but as soon as I post my passwords online, somehow somebody steals my identity. I mean, it’s crazy. Can’t a guy be proud of his online banking password – bank_of_4mer1ca_custom3r – without some jerk breaking into his account? What has the world come to?

And, don’t forget all the pin numbers. That adds a whole ‘nother layer of security. For those, I just use my birthday.

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