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My Self-Deprecation

Posted on April 27, 2010

Please, if you could, stop agreeing with me when I’m being self-deprecating. I know I started it, and I know you’re just going along for the ride. But, it’s not the most helpful. In fact, it's making me feel bad.

Um, I was just tossing out some self-belittling jokes to show modesty. Point out my own foibles, y'know? But, you guys were pretty quick to concur. And, you expanded on a lot of my ideas. It seems like you had these arguments thought out in advance.

I know that I can be a little self-involved. And, maybe my self-deprecation is a pretense to talk about myself. I understand that some people talk down about themselves in order to collect compliments. I don’t know if that’s what I was going for, but I certainly wasn’t expecting you all jumping in and agreeing so whole-heartedly.

So, if I make a joke about myself, could you hold back, please? Because, these four or five follow-up jokes every time are hitting me kind of hard. I know I was laughing at first. And, it might seem like I was in on it, especially since I made the initial joke. But … I’m … Sorry, I just need to go get something out of my eye. I’m not crying.

I’ll be right back. If the waiter comes, tell him I’d like the special lo mein. Thanks.

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