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Our Favorite Names

Posted on April 13, 2010

Names thought up by my wife and myself while waiting at restaurants:

1) Dunkin Knuckles
2) Gertie Nerdlicker
3) Rufus Poopshoot
4) Florence Perdé
5) Amanda Bumpers
6) Vicki Clutterbuck
7) Arnold Shunt
8) Phyllis Whistler
9) Moisés Tullett
10) Burns Magruder
11) Becky Knickerbocker-Fox
12) Norman Kunk Jr.
13) Leslie Slipply
14) Thora Foie Gras
15) Janice Bartlesinkramfenheimer
16) Diedrich van Hoof
17) Penny Applepants
18) Rodney Thumb
19) Bertram Pipp
20) Dashiell Fung

P.S. Two of these names are real people. Can you guess which two?
Answer in the comments section.

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  1. I know I said the answer would be here, but now, I’ve decided that that ruins the suspense.

    I’ll post the answer later today.

  2. Answer:

    Vicki Clutterbuck (#7) is an acquaintance of my mother-in-law.

    Burns Magruder (#10) is a name we saw flipping through the staff pages of the Metropolitan Opera’s Playbill.

    Did you guess right?

  3. There was a pitcher for the Brewers named Brian Clutterbuck. Much better name than Gregg Buttocks.

  4. And I was so sold on Amanda Bumpers and Rodney Thumb.

    Scott was hoping Norman Kunk Jr was the one.

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