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Lesser-Known Saints

Posted on July 29, 2010


There are a ton of saints, guys. A ton. People know the big ones—the ones with the cities or beers named after them. But, what about the lesser-known saints? That’s why I’m here to help you lapsed Catholics out.

St. Carlyle – Battled a dragon. Lost, but put in a solid effort.

St. Philipius Cornelius – Accidentally slammed his finger in a carriage door every day for 40 years, yet miraculously never took the Lord’s name in vain.

St. Arnold of Bentley – Delayed the invention of birth control.

St. Catherine de Sales – Survived being burned at the stake the first five of six times. (Ultimately turned out to be a witch.)

St. Maximillian of Milan – Showed up with cold lemonade just as the cardinals were finishing moving in all the Vatican furniture.

St. Loquacious – Miraculously well-written Thank You notes.

St. Fancis of Lapidus – Witnessed the face of Christ on the cover of a Kenny Loggins album.

St. Levy the Bold – Drilled a half-court shot at the buzzer to win Sacred Hope Catholic High School its only ever state championship.

St. Walter of Muskegon – Found miracle quarters behind the ears of his grandchildren.

St. Alma de Oltrarno – Died a virgin. Never shut up about it either.

St. Bernard – Miraculously cuddly and lovable.

St. Luke of Nazarene – Got Mary Magdalene to keep quiet about the progeny.

St. Andre of Cologne – Added soft brie to the Eucharist. (Later overturned by Pope Pius IV.)

St. Leslie the Divine – Healed the lepers by calling upon them to “stop being such pussies and walk it off.”

St. Herbert the Skittish – Experienced holy fits of nervousness.

St. Vinny “Squints” Tuscadero – Never squealed once. Not even when the feds was putting the screws to him.

St. Martin of the Hills – Baptized everybody and everything he could get his hands on. Like bunnies and acorns and stuff.

St. Kevin the Elder – Looked very saintly. Really good beard.