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Best Hiding Places

Posted on October 28, 2010

As a service to my many four-year-old readers, I thought I give a helpful list of my favorite hiding places during Hide and Go Seek:

- In the space between the couch and the desk .

- Under the bed.

- Inside a mascot uniform.

- Behind a severely obese man.

- Giggling under a pile of dirty bath towels.

- In a kayak floating downstream.

- Above the fridge.

- Behind the fridge.

- Never inside the fridge!

- Inside a giant, hollowed-out foam boulder.

- In the walk-in humidor.

- In a crowded parade.

- Behind a life-size cardboard cutout of Jennifer Lopez.

- Under the hang glider in the garage.

- Inside the grandfather clock. Not the bottom part, that’s too obvious. Up where the gears are.

- In a public radio tote.

- Under the pool table, behind the old Nordic Track machine.

- Inside a friendly robot.

- Suction-cupped to the skylight.

- Inside your fort. (No one'll never guess.)

- Under the dog.

- In the time machine. Being careful not to hit the--

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