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Thanksgiving Story

Posted on November 25, 2010

Tonight, after a long Thanksgiving with my relatives, I'm full of turkey and passive-aggressive tension. Both are tiring. So, instead of my usual bit of wordy, pedantic nonsense, I thought I'd share a true story. It's about my parents' first Thanksgiving:

My father and mother started dating while she was in grad school and he was working at the phone company to save up for law school.

The first time my grandparents met him, it was at his black-satin-sheeted bachelor pad. (He had picked up some European flair while serving in Italy in the navy.) I guess it wasn't the best first impression. Especially because my grandfather was an imposing figure--the head of surgery at the Cleveland Clinic.

So, my dad was trying very hard to make a better second impression when my mom dragged him to Thanksgiving in Cleveland that year.

He bought a couple of roasted chickens in preparation for the trip, and he practiced carving them until he had it down to a science. When the big day arrived, he graciously offered to carve the turkey.

Swip, swip, swip. He honed the knife against the sharpening steel, and with a grand flourish, he sliced into the turkey. White meat, dark meat--it was as effortless and beautiful as a magician fanning a deck of cards. The turkey simply unfolded before the family at the table.

With a cocky grin, my dad looked up at his future father-in-law and said, "Well, Doctor, how's that for a handsome bit of surgery?"

"Nice job, hot shot," replied my grandfather. "Now let's see you put it back together."

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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  1. Hey Andy, per your Birthday Wish #642: Bleader #3 here to wish you a belated Happy Birthday and belated Happy Thanksgiving. Keep up the good work, bud.

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