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The Big Day

Posted on December 22, 2010

Are you guys getting excited for Saturday? You know what day it is right? I wait all year for it--the day we get to open the big door on the Advent calendar!!!

What's gonna be inside this year? There's no way of knowing. My guess is a chocolate bell. Colleen, my wife, thinks it'll be a chocolate star, but that's stupid. It was a star last year. They wouldn't do that two years in a row. Where's the surprise in that?

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!!! What do you think it's gonna be?! I'm only like 60-63% sure it'll be a chocolate bell. I also have this weird feeling it might be a chocolate cuckoo clock. I know, right?! Huge long shot. But, when I first looked at the new advent calendar this year, a little voice in my head said cuckoo clock. What if it's a cuckoo clock, you guys?! I'd lose my shit.

I wish the Saturday, the 25th would come earlier. Every morning this month, I've woken Colleen up at 5am, and we've rushed out in our pajamas to open up that day's door on the Advent calendar. Then we eat a huge goose dinner for breakfast. With all the trimmings. (It's been a long month, you guys.)

I tried shaking the calendar to see what it might be. Unfortunately, one of the other doors popped open, and a little chocolate angel fell out. I put it back, but I think Colleen noticed it was carpet-fuzzy. I just couldn't wait.

Now, it's almost here--the day when people all over the world celebrate opening the biggest door/flap on their Advent calendar. Black or white, tall or short, Jews, Hindus, Christians--we all look forward to the excitement of what's inside. [Note to blog's fact checker: Please check on the accuracy of this. Do tall people celebrate Advent Calendar Day?]

Happy Advent calendar season, everybody. Let's all sing a carol together, shall we?

O holy Advent calendar,
Your doors are filled with chocolate;
I think the big door
Might have a bell inside;

But then I thought,
What if it's a cuckoo clock?
If it is I would worry
I was psychic.

O calendar diviiiiiiiine.
O calendar, o calendar divine.

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  1. You have us on the edge of our seats…. what was behind the big flap???

  2. Turns out the final door wasn’t a chocolate bell *or* a cuckoo clock. It was a chocolate sled with the word “Rosebud” on the side. I guess the first few Advent calendar chocolates foreshadowed that, but I didn’t notice.

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