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Ice Cream Novelties

Posted on January 10, 2011

A list of frozen novelties in order of my favorite to least favorite:


Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Frozen Snickers bar

Cherry Popsicle

Non-Cherry Popsicle

"Real Fruit" Popsicle

"Real Vegetable" Popsicle

"Real Fish" Popsicle

Uncooked Frozen Lasagna

Freezer-Burned Mango Mochi

Single Ice Cube

Chocolate-Covered Frozen Banana [Very intimidating.]

Ice Cream Club Sandwich

Winter Flagpole

Unintentionally Frozen Yogurt

Mice Cream Sandwich

Snow Cylinder

Bag of Frozen Black Pepper

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  1. Is the mint Trader Joe’s icecream sandwich considered a “chipwich”?

    And personally, winter flagpole would be closer to the bottom for me. :)

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