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One-Year Anniversary!

Posted on February 24, 2011


Heeeeyy! It's the one-year anniversary of me starting this blog! Hey, look at that, you guys ... Heeeeyy!

When I first started this project, the point was to write something funny every single day. Not just tweets or jokes, but something substantial and unique like a Shouts & Murmurs-style essay or a funny list or a video or a comic. And, I've done just that every day since.

[Well, after a while, I remembered I had a wife, and I started taking off Saturdays. Then, I took time off for the two holiest of holidays---Christmas and Monroe Wisconsin's Cheese Days Festival. But, other than that...]

This year hasn't simply been about writing a blog and starting a storytelling show and getting a new job and moving. [Oh my god, I'm so tired.] I've also had a series of everyday adventures. It's been a pretty big year for ol' Andy "Rad Tad" Ross.

Here's a list of things I've done/accomplished over the past year of writing this blog:

- I learned two chords on Colleen's ukulele. I also invented a third, extremely dissonant chord that might not technically be a chord but has promise.

- I gained twenty pounds for a movie role. Alright, home video role.

- I saw a really awesome dog on 8th Street and the park.

- Through careful Googling, I've gained a shaky understanding of awhile vs. a while.

- I legally changed my name to Commodore Baby Boy Ross. For tax purposes.

- I had a conversation with a stranger without nervously vomiting on his/her shoes.

- I learned how to ice skate, finally justifying this sequined leotard.

- I masturbated my way out of a clinical depression.

- I fell asleep at the opera twice, nearly doubling last year's record.

- I stopped drinking soda. Except when thirsty.

- I perfected my impression of Patrick Stewart's impression of Dana Carvey's impression of George Bush. It's pretty great.

- I briefly ran out of Thai spicy ketchup.

- I traded places with my royal doppelganger but found his clothes too itchy around the neck.

- I finally switched beard conditioners, which was terrifying.

- I mated a camel with a llama.

- I'm sorry, that last one should read "mated with a camel and a llama."

- I wore every one of my socks.

- I remained the Greatest Wedding Dancer Alive.

It's been a pretty big year, you guys. Thank you for reading the blog. It continues to be a lot of fun.

Let’s make this next year the Year of the Share Button. Whad’ya say?

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  1. I feel like I’ve masturbated my way INTO a clinical depression. Does that mean I’m doing it too much or not enough?

  2. Congrats on the consistency birthday. That’s awesome.

    Can you teach me the one about talking to strangers? My parents always told me that was bad, so I thought the vomiting was good, but now it seems frowned upon.

  3. You’ve gotta push through. It’s just like a strawberry allergy–you’re only allergic because you haven’t eaten *enough* strawberries.

  4. Thanks, Aaron.

  5. Congratulations! Here’s to at least five more days. That would be my work week, in which I rely on this site to stay engaged.

  6. Thanks, Abbi!

  7. I’m a little disappointed I haven’t seen the sequined leotard yet. I thought we were friends.

  8. But seriously, congratulations on a job well done. You’ve tickled my funny bone all year. Now I am learned how to use the “share” button, I’m going to start sharing you with all of my peeps.

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