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CBS Sunday Morning Fan Fiction

Posted on October 10, 2011

Sun Face

I’ve been thinking that I need a place to organize my CBS Sunday Morning fan fiction. I mean, besides the overflowing file cabinets in my basement. Someplace that can provide a searchable catalogue of these stories for future generations of CBS Sunday Morning fans.

Well, thanks to a generous grant from the Paley Center for Media, this website can now become the central hub for CBS Sunday Morning-based fan lore. In the future months, readers can expect scanned PDFs of my handwritten fan stories along with drawings, paintings and genealogy charts. But, to begin, let’s start with a sampling of story abstracts.

Bill Geist Goes Dog Roller Skating
Lovable grumpuss Bill Geist takes his grandson’s Labradoodle to a Chattanooga roller rink for dogs. Incredulous at first, Bill quickly warms to the idea of plain-spoken folks just enjoying a day out roll-bouncing with their pups. It’s adorable when Bill struggles to strap rollerblades to the energetic pooch and even more so when he gives up and the two of them sit on the bench sharing an ice cream cone.

Rita Braver Interviews Kris Kristofferson For Some Reason
It’s never really explained why Rita Braver is profiling Kris Kristofferson. His mansion looks beautiful, but they don’t seem to have much to talk about in his baroque rose garden. So, Rita mostly just references their past two interviews together and asks him again about Barbara Streisand.

Serena Altschul Remembers Slap Bracelets
Remember slap bracelets from the 80s? Serena Altschul sure does. She travels the entirety of the Lower East Side of Manhattan to pull together a comprehensive history of the slap bracelet, including Laurie Anderson’s surprisingly large, rare slap bracelet collection and a found object sculptor using slap bracelets to comment on corporate greed.

Steve Hartman Goes to Typewriter Town
Steve Hartman visits a small Nebraska town where all of the children are given old-timey typewriters at birth. Teens there compete after school to see who can change an ink ribbon the fastest. The town hall is even shaped like a classic Underwood Touch-Master 5. As adults, all the citizens are moderately fast typists. It’s the American way.

David Edelstein Reviews Happy Feet Two
He likes it well enough. But, the real wonder is Elijah Wood’s voice. It’s bold. It’s effervescent. It brings back the joy and wonder of Old Hollywood with its crackling timbre and wispy sibilants. If you’re a fan of Clark Gable’s turn in It Happened One Night, you’ll love Wood’s resplendent voice work in Happy Feet Two.

Mo Rocca Prunes His Sweater Vest Collection
We go inside Mo Rocca’s cluttered apartment where he feigns embarrassment about his overabundance of sweater vests. He goes through each one, explaining which were gifts and which were bought on vacation. He can’t bear to get rid of any, so he asks Simon Doonan to come in and help. They laugh together. It’s wonderful.

So, that’s just a random sampling of my hundreds of CBS Sunday Morning fan-written short stories. Email me if you like to see more. Plus, I’d really like to get your email address. We should meet in person and get coffee sometime. I mean, whatever. No pressure or anything. Hello? Are you still reading?

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