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Internet Start-Up

Posted on May 20, 2011

I’m thinking about starting up some sort of multibillion-dollar Internet start-up. Not exactly sure what it’ll be yet, but I wrote up a little copy for the brochure and I’ve attached it below. Let me know what you guys think:

Do you own a home personal computer for personal computing? Many in the Americas do, and also around the world.

There are many things a personal computer can do for you, for instance both sending and receiving electronic mail over the Internet Superhighway, a series of cables that connect many computers together. Also, many computers can show videotapes of things such as cats and/or dogs and cats.

Also, home personal computers can bring many new and exciting and interesting things into your home---things like purchasing books about things, purchasing “virtual” disc-less music, pretending you are a mythical warrior, reading your news information, asking people questions about many things.

Also, a computer that you buy can allow you to see photographs of female bodybuilders eating apples, if you are interested in female bodybuilders eating apples. There are other fruits that lady bodybuilders eat. Sometimes, they don’t eat the fruit. Sometimes they crush it with their feet. You can also see photos of that.

Also, computers attached to the Internet Superhighway allow you to see female bodybuilders dressed up as cowgirls, and in the background of the photograph there is a man making a funny face at another man who is wearing a stormtrooper costume. No one is eating fruit, but it is a very funny picture that I can send to you using the “forwarding” button in my electronic mail program.

Webster’s dictionary defines a computer as a “one that computes; specifically: a programmable usually electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data.”

If that sounds interesting to you, or if you simply want to see pictures of female bodybuilders, please send a self addressed stamped envelope to the address below, and I will mail you a URL to input into your personal home computer for more information.

Thank you, and good Internetting.