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Rainy Day Activities

Posted on March 31, 2010

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Here are a few suggestions to keep you busy/sane:

- Update the first half of your contacts list on your phone before giving up.

- Do some meal planning. It should all be salads, but that would make you kill yourself, right?

- Make a fort out of blankets, cushions, broomsticks, a mini trampoline tipped on its side, a cardboard box with spaceship controls drawn on it, a beanbag chair, a couple of dirty magazines, that old Tilt-A-Whirl car in the living room, and clothespins.

- For a craft project, you’ll need a paper towel tube and a pair of scissors. Cut the paper towel tube into thirds. Done! Now you've got homemade toilet paper tubes.

- Break out any puzzles or board games you haven’t played in awhile. There might be pot hidden in one of the boxes. That’s just a guess.

- Bake cookies. Unless you are missing one ingredient. If so, try not to think about the delicious, delicious cookies you could have been making right now.

- Watch the movie War Games and try to mentally count the number of times you’ve watched War Games on a rainy day. Catching the last forty minutes on AMC counts as a half point.

- Second nap.

- Take a bath. (Make it one of those sexy baths with candles and rose petals and some soft R&B music playing from the other room.) Gently cry it out.

- Tie up your recycling. Set aside that unread Newsweek with the cover story about Afghanistan, which you will set aside again the next time you tie up the recycling.

- Put together a scrapbook that indexes all your other scrapbooks. Trying to remember which scrapbook has your trip to see Mama Mia? It’s cross-referenced under M for Musicals and A for your Aunt Gladys.

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