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Posted on April 1, 2010


I’m reading this new book, and it is super good. I can’t think of the name right now, but I really think you’d like it.

It’s about a young guy named, uh … something with a J. And, he’s on this submarine, I think. It might be that he’s at a pool. I know for sure that he “dives” somehow. And, at first, you think this guy—maybe Jake—is just a regular guy, but it turns out that he’s actually something else. I can’t say what, because I don’t want ruin it for you, and because I don’t quite remember exactly. Thinking back on it, his name might be Joseph.

Anyway, Jake works at a dive bar. Yup, that must be where I got the word “dive.” So, it’s a bar then. Also, it may be in Pittsburgh. One day, either a movie mogul or a real estate mogul—some kind of mogul—comes in and offers Joseph a job. Then, a bunch of really cool stuff happens from there.

And, I just got to this part in the book where another character, who may or may not be a lady, comes in and says something really funny. It’s a joke about some people doing something wacky. I wish I could think of the punchline, because it was really funny.

So after that, Joseph gets chased by a dog or some kind of animal or person. And, either he escapes or he doesn’t. But, the point is that it’s through this dark behind-the-buildings place. Like an alleyway. But dark. I guess alleys can be dark. Maybe it was an alley.

Then, in the end, there’s a big twist that you’d never expect. Just like in that one movie about the guy who goes to the thing with the girl from that other movie about elves. She’s got black hair? You know the movie I’m talking about? Not the elves movie, but the other movie? It’s like that.

When I read this book, I thought of you, because I know how much you like books about Philadelphia and vampires. Oh shit! I think I ruined the ending. Sorry. It was such a good book. Anyway, you should look for it in the vampire section at Borders. The cover was blue. Or black.

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