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Moving Tips: Part Two

Posted on July 23, 2010

Continuing yesterday's tips about moving, here are a few thoughts for after the move:

1) By the end of the day, your movers will hate you. Don't be upset. They have good reason; you own too much shit. It actually is gross how much stuff you own.

2) Don't try to engage your movers in conversation. Their job is to move your stuff, not appease your yuppie guilt. And, it's not a sign of solidarity that you once helped your friends move a hide-a-bed.

3) Unpack your wine glasses and pajamas first. The rest can wait until tomorrow.

4) Prepare yourself for the full and very real realization as to the number of socks you own. Holy crap, that's alotta socks!

5) You female friends will offer to come over to help unpack. It's because they want to look through your private things. They don't know that's the reason behind their urge to help. It's evolution. Hide your dildos.

6) Ignore the naked shut-in next door. You'll get used to him just like you got used to the constant smell of cumin at the last place.

7) Discussing possible furniture arrangements is a fun and easy way to break up your marriage.

8) Take time to explore your new neighborhood. Alright, that's enough. Back to watching TV. Mad Men is starting back up.

9) Don't expect your first blog post after a long day of moving to be very long or even that funny.

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