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Your Doppelganger

Posted on December 8, 2010

Hey, I think just saw your more successful doppelgänger on the train. He looked exactly like you, except he was wealthier and more self-assured. But, other than that, exactly the same.

He had your nose. And eyebrows. He had the same curly, black hair as you. Although, he clearly goes to a better barber than you. Certainly, he goes more often.

His jaw was exactly the same as yours. Except your doppelgänger's jaw seemed stronger and more assuredly set--like whatever decision he makes, he sticks to it. He certainly didn't hold his jaw in a way that made you want to push him down and yell at him.

He had a navy coat on, just like your navy coat. Well, just like the coat you used to have before you forgot it at a bar. Also, his didn't have any stains on it. Also, his posture made it hang better on him. Also, you could tell he bought it somewhere besides Salvation Army.

Even his laugh was the same as yours. That's how I noticed him. I thought it was you, until I saw he was holding an iPad. I was gonna walk up and ask if you had an iPad-owning relative die, until I saw he was reading the Wall Street Journal on it. That's when I knew he couldn't have been you. Thank god I didn't embarrass myself by approaching him. Can you imagine me trying to explain what a goof you are?

Did I mention he looked exactly like you if you had made better decisions in life? Exactly.

I mean, minus the obvious success, he could have been your twin. No wait, that's wrong. One twin can be successful and the other a failure. Let me rephrase. He could have been the twin your parents were secretly more proud of.

Maybe one day you'll meet your doppelgänger on the street, and he can give you advice. I would think it'd be inspiring to meet someone who looks and talks just like you yet has somehow thrived in the world.

I guess maybe it could be super depressing too, now that I think about it. I mean, all those paths you didn't choose ... This guys chose the correct one. Maybe there were a lot of correct paths you failed to choose.

Gosh, I wonder if it's too late for you to be as successful as your doppelgänger. You know who might know? You're doppelgänger. He seemed like the kind of guy with answers.

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