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My Second Time Sexting

Posted on March 30, 2011

- Hello? Is this Pamela?

_ Hi!! What’s up?

- Is this for sure Pamela?

_ Duh. Yeah.

_ Thought we had a date to sext an hour ago? Ha ha.

- We did. Ha ha. Sorry. Got tied up.

_ Ooh, “tied up.” Sexy.

- Ha ha. Would you like to start sexting now?

_ Absolutely! Sext me, big boy.

- Just to double-check: This is for sure Pamela?

_ Who else?

- Nevermidn. What are you wearing?

_ Don’t you mean “Nevermind”? Ha ha.

- OMG, your editing is so sexy!

_ Hold on…

_ Just Googled "OMG." Got it.

- Means “Oh my God” right?

_ Yes.

_ Also, did quick research on sexting. did you know capitalization optional? ha ha.

- Had heard that somewhere.

_ feels weird, though.

- So? What are you wearing?

_ Work clothes. Beige shell. Navy pantsuit. Espadrilles. You?

- Same. JK [read: just kidding] ;)

_ Emoticons! Look at Mr. Savvy Sexter!

_ Ha ha.

_ My pussy is wet.

- WHOA!!!

_ Too much? Sorry.

_ 1st time sexting.

- No, it’s good. Good job sexting.

_ Thanks. R U hard?

- Working on it.

- Yes.

- Wait… now yes.

_ Ooh.

_ Send me a pic?

- This is for sure Pamela??

_ Yes. Send me a photo of your big boy?

- Hold on…

- New phone. Sorry.

_ I’m touching my boobs for you. Pic?

- Searching online for phone manual …

_ Need help?

_ Tried Mac forums?

- Found it. Sending pic…

- Got it?

_ No.

- Now?

_ It’s OK. Forget it.

_ Taking off my trousers.

- NO WAIT! Not ‘til I figure out pic thing…

_ Ha ha. OK I guess.

_ Pussy getting less wet.

- Figured it out. Sending now…

- Got it?

_ Downloading…

_ What’s this?

- Pic of my “big boy”

- [Quote marks mean quotation. Not irony re: size.]

_ I think wrong pic.

_ Old lady blowing out candles.

- Whoops. Wrong pic.

- Sorry.

_ Who is lady?

- Aunt who raised me.

- Love her, but distant & withholding.

_ Sorry to hear.

_ Send correct pic?

- Thought I did. Checking outbox…

- OH NO!!!

_ What?! R U OK?

- Pic sent. Wrong number.

- Need to call aunt right now.

- Sorry.

_ No more sexting?

_ Hello?

_ Everything OK?

_ Hello?

_ Hello? It’s been 2 hours. U OK?

_ Going to bed now. See you at conference on 23rd, big boy.

- Pamela? Still up?

- Oh. Now see previous text.

- See you at the conference, sexy.

- Goodnight.


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  1. Hilarious…. ….My mother in law can never remember the difference between the terms “booty call” and “drunk dial” and regularly asks my wife, if she’s calling her late, “Is this a booty call?”

  2. Thanks, Sean. Also, I like that your mother-in-law assumes drunkenness for late night calls. Most would assume emergency.

  3. Love it. How would you not want to sex Pamela? She’s so helpful when it comes to sending penis pictures!

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