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My Second Time Sexting

Posted on March 30, 2011

- Hello? Is this Pamela?

_ Hi!! What’s up?

- Is this for sure Pamela?

_ Duh. Yeah.

_ Thought we had a date to sext an hour ago? Ha ha.

- We did. Ha ha. Sorry. Got tied up.

_ Ooh, “tied up.” Sexy.

- Ha ha. Would you like to start sexting now?

_ Absolutely! Sext me, big boy.

- Just to double-check: This is for sure Pamela?

_ Who else?

- Nevermidn. What are you wearing?

_ Don’t you mean “Nevermind”? Ha ha.

- OMG, your editing is so sexy!

_ Hold on…

_ Just Googled "OMG." Got it.

- Means “Oh my God” right?

_ Yes.

_ Also, did quick research on sexting. did you know capitalization optional? ha ha.

- Had heard that somewhere.

_ feels weird, though.

- So? What are you wearing?

_ Work clothes. Beige shell. Navy pantsuit. Espadrilles. You?

- Same. JK [read: just kidding] ;)

_ Emoticons! Look at Mr. Savvy Sexter!

_ Ha ha.

_ My pussy is wet.

- WHOA!!!

_ Too much? Sorry.

_ 1st time sexting.

- No, it’s good. Good job sexting.

_ Thanks. R U hard?

- Working on it.

- Yes.

- Wait… now yes.

_ Ooh.

_ Send me a pic?

- This is for sure Pamela??

_ Yes. Send me a photo of your big boy?

- Hold on…

- New phone. Sorry.

_ I’m touching my boobs for you. Pic?

- Searching online for phone manual …

_ Need help?

_ Tried Mac forums?

- Found it. Sending pic…

- Got it?

_ No.

- Now?

_ It’s OK. Forget it.

_ Taking off my trousers.

- NO WAIT! Not ‘til I figure out pic thing…

_ Ha ha. OK I guess.

_ Pussy getting less wet.

- Figured it out. Sending now…

- Got it?

_ Downloading…

_ What’s this?

- Pic of my “big boy”

- [Quote marks mean quotation. Not irony re: size.]

_ I think wrong pic.

_ Old lady blowing out candles.

- Whoops. Wrong pic.

- Sorry.

_ Who is lady?

- Aunt who raised me.

- Love her, but distant & withholding.

_ Sorry to hear.

_ Send correct pic?

- Thought I did. Checking outbox…

- OH NO!!!

_ What?! R U OK?

- Pic sent. Wrong number.

- Need to call aunt right now.

- Sorry.

_ No more sexting?

_ Hello?

_ Everything OK?

_ Hello?

_ Hello? It’s been 2 hours. U OK?

_ Going to bed now. See you at conference on 23rd, big boy.

- Pamela? Still up?

- Oh. Now see previous text.

- See you at the conference, sexy.

- Goodnight.



My First Time Sexting

Posted on March 29, 2011

- Ready?

- I guess. For what?

- This is my first time sexting. I’m a little nervous.

_ Don’t be. You’ll be great, Sexy.

- So um what are you wearing?

_ A black sweeter and a par of red undies.

- What’s a sweeter? It sounds sexy.

_ Sweater. lol

- Oh right. LOL.

_ What r u wearing?

- A business suit, except no pants or underwear. Black socks.

_  Um…

- I mean, manly jeans and an old cotton t-shirt.

_ Ooh, that sound sexy.

- You mean “sounds” sexy.

_ right whatever

- And earlier, you probably meant a “pair” of red undies.

_ sure yup

- Which is sexy.

_ ooh yeah. real sexy

- Are we not capitalizing? Is that a thing?

_ Fine. Where are you? R u touching yourself?

- Did I make you mad? Sorry. Again, 1st time sexting.

_ Its fine. R u touching yurself??

- A little, but I got distracted by punctuation and grammar.

- Can we keep on top of that? Sorry. It’s just that I used to be a copy editor at the college newspaper.

- Also “it’s.”

_ Yes. I will try. Now, please, are you touching yourself sexually?

- Yeah. And it feles so good, baby.

_ WTF? R U kidding me? Feles? After yur grammar diatribe?

- That was just a typo. Sorry.

- Hello? Still there?

- Mad?

- Hello?

_ not mad. Just stepped away for a smoke.

- OK. Good.

_ wanna start back upp from where we left off?

- Oh, that’s OK. I finished up while you were gone.

_ really???

- I have a thing for distant, withholding women.

_ women? Whadya mean women?

- Wait. Who is this? Pamela?

_ Pamela who? This is Patrick.. From raquetball.

- Oh, hey Patrick. This has been you the whole time?

_ yup. who’s pamela?

- Nevermind. Getting used to new phone.

- Still on for Saturday at 4pm?

_ yeah. reserved the court. who’s pamela???

- I gotta go. See you Saturday.

_ okay. talk Saturday, sexy.