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First Impressions

Posted on May 27, 2011


I scheduled a haircut after work, because my iPad 2 is finally arriving in the mail this week, and I want to look my best.

I don't know; maybe I'm making too big a deal of things---clearing space on the desk, freeing up a dedicated power strip. Does a vase of flowers read as too eager?

Then again, you only get one chance to make a first impression. This iPad is traveling all the way from China, after all. The least I can do is trim my beard and get a haircut.

Also a manicure. And slight eyebrow management.

I'm unsure exactly what date my iPad will arrive, so I've planned out an entire week of my best outfits. Personally, I kind of hope it gets here on Thursday, because I laid out my navy sport coat, which makes me look skinny… Well, skinny-ish… Well, not fat. Mostly.

It's been a long wait. For the both of us. I stood in line the first day they were coming out, but the store was sold out of the exact model I wanted. So, I walked away. It was hard, but this is too big of a commitment to have it not be a perfect match. Not that anything is a perfect match. You have to work through the little things together.

Gosh, I wonder what I'll say when I open up the box. Do you think the UPS man will be nice? I hope he's not flippant about the hand-off. You hear these horror stories where the delivery driver is rude and it ruins the entire tone of the event.

Man... butterflies, right? Whew, I am just a bundle of nerves. How's my breath? Should I shave my beard? Are these reading glasses too much? I'm trying really hard to seem like I'm not trying too hard.

I hope my new iPad likes the case I picked out for it. I went with black, because it’s a classic. I mean, I figure I'd have the case waiting for it when it got here, and then we could pick out some apps together. I scouted out a few, but I don't want to seem presumptuous...

Was that the doorbell? Oh no! The place is a mess! I thought I had more time! Let me just, um... WHERE’S MY COMB?!!!

You know what? Never mind. It'll be fine. Nobody's perfect, and I can't control for everything, and nobody's expecting me to, and the place looks fine, and I look fine, and I'll just answer the door. I'll just go do that now... Okay, now.

Wish me luck. [licks palm and smoothes down bangs.] Okay, now.

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