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Words to Live By

Posted on May 26, 2011

Words to live by:

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Sometimes good things happen to bad people.

Sometimes rad things happen to badass people.

Sometimes mood rings happen to rude people.

Sometimes, could things happen to Brad, people?

Sometimes nude singers amend two peepholes.

Sometimes puddings upend two mad clavicles.

Sometimes foodies happen too, bat people.

Sometimes dudes fling happiness onto May poles.

Sometimes sad kings happen upon Mott the Hoople.

Sometimes glued wings wrap into admirals.

Sometimes lewd fingers apple tuba pebbles.

I don’t know if that last one makes a ton of sense, but it’s seen me through a lot of tough times. I have it cross-stitched above my bathroom mirror, and I read it aloud ever morning.

Don’t stop believing, you guys.

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