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Surviving a Blizzard

Posted on January 26, 2011


So, these blizzard things keep coming down the pipeline. Has somebody angered Jack Frost? Was it me stealing his nose? I showed him it was just my thumb. [sigh] That guy.

Here are a few tips for surviving a blizzard:

– Stock up on essentials. Toilet paper, peanut butter, seasons one through three of Deadwood on Blu-Ray.

– Set aside at least two gallons of drinking water, in case you wanna have a water-drinking contest.

– Stockpile blankets. For building forts.

– DON'T PANIC! The walls only seem like they're closing in, because the room's oxygen is running out.

– Pay close attention to your local newscast's weather report. Also, after the break, they’ll answer whether or not your kids are safe from Chinese toys.

– Stay low and breath through a damp towel … Wait, that might be for fires. Meh, couldn’t hurt.

– If you can manage it, don’t drive your car. And, not just in an “I bike for the environment” kind of way. Seriously, you need to shut up about Critical Mass. We get it; cars are immoral. [Wanking motion followed by pretending to wax a handlebar mustache and then honking an imaginary bike horn.]

– Avoid Jack Nicholson impressions. It’s been done.

– Your landlord was probably lying to you about that fireplace not working. I say give it a go.

– Do not place a space heater next to curtains or your Victorian Oil Rag collection.

– Soup it up.

– Wear appropriate clothing. Are those last year’s jeggings? OMG, how embarrassing.

– I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; busting out old board games is a great way to spend the day trapped indoors. Because, one of the boxes might have weed hidden inside.

– Try to fly to Hawaii a few days before the blizzard starts.

– If the electricity goes out, somebody’s getting pregnant. I’m looking at you, anyone in the room with me.

– Keep candles or a hand-crank flashlight handy. [I’m still talking about getting you pregnant.]

– Hot cocoa bath.

– If you are one of my many bear or ground squirrel readers, try hibernating.

– According to romantic comedies, the fastest way to avoid hypothermia is to share naked body warmth with someone whom you outwardly hate though are secretly attracted to. [Still talking about getting you pregnant.]

That’s it. Good luck out there. It’s a real Snowmageddonpocalypse.