Wait For It… a blog by Andy Ross

Wrong Number Text

Posted on June 8, 2011

- At Smith & 9th. Home soon. ILY.

- Whoops. That text was meant for the wife. Sorry.

- Embarrassing.

- Especially you being my ex.

- Awkward. Sorry.

_ It’s fine. Forget it.

- You good?

- Sorry. Promised I wouldn’t text u anymore.

- Hope yur good.

- Last text. PROMISE.

_ Good. Be well.

- Home now. Told my wife we’d been texting tonite. She’s upset. Wants to talk to you.

- Sorry.

- Tried to reason with her, but u know how women are. Ha ha.

- Srsly, she’s very upset with you.

- Don’t worry. Refused to give her your number. She locked herself in the bathroom.

- Yikes, right?

_ Robert, it’s been 3 years.

- I know I know I know. Sorry she got upset.

- Should blow over soon.

- U still doing art? Can’t find much on Google lately.

_ Robert ...

- Sure sure sure. Sorry.

- Just talked to Linda. Turns out she’s pregnant.

- So that’s big news, huh?

- Wow, a baby.

- Big news.

_ Congratulations to you both.

- She’s still locked in bathroom. Must be the hormones.

- Remember when we broke up ‘cause I wanted kids & you didn’t? That seems so weird now.

_ Go talk to your wife, Robb.

- You’re right. Talking with Linda thru the door now.

- She seems better. Stressed about work/maternity leave.

- Understandable.

- Yeah so…

- You still with that guy? The actor?

- Bill? Brad? He seemed weirdly tall for you.

- Linda’s coming out now. Should probably stop texting.

_ Yes. Do that.

- Wanna grab coffee sometime? Catch up on stuff? I could bounce some baby names off you, ha ha.

- No response?

- Is yur phone still on?

- Okay, well, hope your good.

- Remember to update Facebook when you have new photos of your art. Or you. Or whatever.

- Your bike tour looked fun btw.

- Oh, and I guess the name is going to be Oliver. Linda’s grandfather’s name.

- OK, well, goodnight. Thanks for texting.