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Outlet Mall Restaurants

Posted on March 9, 2011

A list of outlet mall restaurants:
[Originally published in tweet form February 2011]

Green Lobster




The Cottagecheesecake Factory

The Pimento Garden


Sparrow Pizza


Cracker Bucket

Kansas Filleted Chicken


Reddish-Orange Julius


Plus, my favorite submissions from readers:

Cabybara Express . . . . from @sweaternine

Burger Duke . . . .  from @nickleggin

Steakback Outhouse  . . . . from @pixies1

Tooters . . . . from @chucko78

National House of Pancakes . . . . from @benryerson

California Soup Kitchen . . . . from @jennassembly


More Random “Facts”

Posted on October 11, 2010

I've posted random facts that I made up before. Here are more:

- The average, adult Eastern Gray Squirrel reads only 1.8 books per year.

- Fraternal twins cannot feel each other's pain, but they can feel each other’s sense of wonderment.

- Carburators used to be called horselesscarriageburators.

- Pacific Islanders have over two hundred patronizing eye rolls for the word “tourist.”

- Supermodels cannot be classified as "super" until passing a 2-month inspection process by the FDA.

- Newton's Fifth Law of Motion was about it not being "the size of the ship, but rather the motion of the ocean."

- Jarlsberg cheese contains only 2% jarls.

- Americans use enough plastic bags each year to carry the entire grocery store purchases of the United States’ population for 12 months.

- The only letter not represented in the Periodic Table of Elements is the letter “J” because it was sick that day.

- Orville Redenbacher rode to work every day in a one-man submarine/hydrofoil from the Sharper Image.

- The first coast-to-coast telephone call in 1914 transmitted the phrase “Yo, what up, sluts?”

- The top-selling blue jean color is “Andy Ross Piercing Eyes Blue.”

- Polar bears hate mummies and vice-versa.

- Hershey Kisses are named after the factory machine that seems to “kiss” them down onto the conveyor belt. They were originally called Hershey Bug Poops.

- Burlesque was invented at the hottest Miss America pageant on record.

- Only one in every three million people is truly left-handed. The rest are artsy fakers.

- The adult human body contains 206 bones and one Lego.

- Shakespeare invented the words “proactive,” “chocoholic,” and “jeggings.”

- The human brain is made up of 80% celeb gossip.