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Give Me Liberty

Posted on July 17, 2010

Give me liberty or give me death. Ooh, or an ice cream sandwich. I’d much rather have that than death.

Here’s the question, though: Would I rather have an ice cream sandwich or liberty? Because, liberty is super important. I totally realize liberty is important. Thousands have fought and died for my liberty. But, it’s crazy hot today. An ice cream sandwich would be sooooo good.

It was an easy choice between death and ice cream. Ice cream sandwich all the way. But, liberty—without liberty, what do you have left? Oppression, that’s what.  Without ice cream, what do you have? Cake. Pudding. Popsicles.  Tons of stuff.

I’ve changed my mind. Give me liberty. I’m for sure going with liberty. Ooh, and a popsicle.