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MAD Magazine Ad Parody

Posted on October 19, 2010


I recently got the chance to contribute to MAD Magazine, which is ... Amazing! The 13-year-old inside of me won't stop jumping up and down.

[I didn't want this secret to come out, but I have a miniature, 13-year-old self who lives inside my empty shell of a head. He stands on my tongue and uses pulleys to make me move. My eyes are like picture windows to him, and curved victrola horns lead down from inside my ears. Please don't tell my wife.]

Anyhoooo, you should run out to your local newsstand and buy a copy of the magazine. It's terrific from beginning to end. What's the end? Why, it's the fold-in. What's the page opposite that? The piece I wrote!

It's about the oil spill in the the form of an ad for Dead Lobster.

If you can't find a copy of MAD, or if you're simply horribly impatient, you can download the page here. Don't worry, it's official and everything. But, I highly recommend buying a copy because, let's face it, when the last time you folded-in? Too long.

Dead Lobster Ad Parody for MAD Magazine.

[Special thanks to Dave Croatto for the opportunity.]


Real Simple Pitches

Posted on May 24, 2010

Real Simple Covers

I’m working to build my writing career by pitching freelance magazines articles. Here are a few article ideas I pitched to Real Simple Magazine:

- Balancing Your Husband and Your Crafting

- Yogurt Your Way to Happiness

- 10 Fun Ideas for Broken Christmas Lights

- Lemon Zesters: A Primer

- 30-Second Brunch

- Why Shelf Liners Matter

- Decorate Your House with Stuff Around Your House

- “Ethnic” Prints Every WASP Should Own

- Centerpieces So Easy, Even an Goofus Can Make Them

- 25 Tips to Speed Up Your Leisure Reading

- Homemade Teeth Bleaching Kits for Kids

- Will Having Kids Take Away from Your Felting Time?

- This Week’s Trench Coat Trends

- 200 Recipes for Leftover Kale

- Rain Ponchos: A Primer

- Five-Minute Harried Mom Looks

- How to Turn Your Leftover Ketchup into a Purse

- Almond Up Your Exercise Routine

- Expensive Wrinkle Creams You Need to Buy Which Also Just Happen to be Our Biggest Advertisers

- Letter Openers: A Primer

- Just Photos of Sunny Kitchens