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Real Simple Pitches

Posted on May 24, 2010

Real Simple Covers

I’m working to build my writing career by pitching freelance magazines articles. Here are a few article ideas I pitched to Real Simple Magazine:

- Balancing Your Husband and Your Crafting

- Yogurt Your Way to Happiness

- 10 Fun Ideas for Broken Christmas Lights

- Lemon Zesters: A Primer

- 30-Second Brunch

- Why Shelf Liners Matter

- Decorate Your House with Stuff Around Your House

- “Ethnic” Prints Every WASP Should Own

- Centerpieces So Easy, Even an Goofus Can Make Them

- 25 Tips to Speed Up Your Leisure Reading

- Homemade Teeth Bleaching Kits for Kids

- Will Having Kids Take Away from Your Felting Time?

- This Week’s Trench Coat Trends

- 200 Recipes for Leftover Kale

- Rain Ponchos: A Primer

- Five-Minute Harried Mom Looks

- How to Turn Your Leftover Ketchup into a Purse

- Almond Up Your Exercise Routine

- Expensive Wrinkle Creams You Need to Buy Which Also Just Happen to be Our Biggest Advertisers

- Letter Openers: A Primer

- Just Photos of Sunny Kitchens