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Elevator Pitches

Posted on March 15, 2010


If I ever get a chance to pitch movie ideas to the head of a studio, these are at the top of my list:

- The story of an adorable ragamuffin who loves pudding so much it comes to life.

- Thanksgiving on a runaway blimp.

- A darkly comic film about a man whose bathroom sink is too small to wash his bloody hands. (12 min runtime. In Czech with subtitles.)

- Behind-the-scenes at an independent book bindery where everyone gets along except on the finer points of Foucault.

- A parrot that plays billiards somehow. Nothing in the rulebook says that a parrot can’t play billiards.

- A biopic about a financially over-privileged Olympic fencer who goes on to win gold despite no obstacles.

- A British movie about a mining town ravaged by Thatcherism, only to find redemption through their plucky band of something somethings.

- A cop who is secretly a spy who is secretly a superhero.