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Favorite Dog Breeds

Posted on July 14, 2010

Scottish Terrier

A list of my favorite breeds of dog, along with quick descriptions of their temperament:

Golden Retriever
– loving, loyal, goofy

Scottish Terrier
– sweet, silly, rambunctious

Highland Goathound
– bullish, strong-willed, observant

Royal Dutch Pompadour
– elitist, flippant, obfuscating

Flat-Faced Dimplepinscher
– jaundiced, jittery, hyperglycemic

Italian Petite Bangs Terrier
– pointy, grateful, lilac-scented

Belgian Grundler
– impish, avuncular, annotated

Silky Chuptopper
– distractible, randy, semi-formal

Taiwanese Shin Shin
– ovular, prescient, newfangled

Mottled Chestermeyer
– narcissistic, reciprocating, perspicacious

Irish Bogie Whiner
– symptomatic, encrusted, stringent

Mustachioed Bugli
– pedantic, impromptu, rabble-rousing

Austrian Corbinbersen
– garrulous, blubbery, extemporaneous

Manchester Tonguehound
– tangential, hackneyed, rough-hewn

Friggen Yaws Terrier
– mollycoddled, querulous, milquetoast

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